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Mynah Food

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Includes: 500 Gram / 1 Gram = 0,01
content:       500 Gram
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Art.Nr.: 53
manufacturer: Claus

Shipping Weight:   ca. 532 g


Easiliy digestible complete food for mynahs and other fruit eaters, prevents haemochromatosis

This nutritious soft food is specially developed for mynahs and other starlings, toucans, bulbuls, barbets and other bird species that prefer coarse-grained, sweet-tasting feed. It contains a large proportion (26.9%) of pure honey, tasty and vitamin-rich fruits, insects, nuts and cereals.

The vitamin and mineral complex, which is tailored carefully to these species, ensure the health of your bird. Our Myna Soft Food protects against hemochromatosis due to its low iron content (<80 mg/kg) although you should also make sure to use low-iron water. It binds your bird’s droppings and is very digestible.

Content: 500 Gram
Futterrosinen für Wildvögel


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