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Grit for birds

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Includes: 500 Gram / 1 Gram = 0,01
content:       500 Gram
Ready for delivery in:  1-2 Working-days
Availablility:   Dieser Artikel ist bei uns auf Lager und sofort verfügbar.
Art.Nr.: 2290
manufacturer: Claus

Shipping Weight:   ca. 500 g


Calcium carbonate as a natural source of calcium

Our grit for birds is a pure natural product made of calcium carbonate and therefore an important additional source of calcium for a strong and healthy bone structure and for strong egg shells. Most of our ornamental birds need grit for birds for a better digestion of the food. For birds with a two-parted stomach the grit is a substitute for teeth and helps to shred the food inside the stomach. For this purpose birds living free in nature eat small stones. Without the grit the birds may suffer from heavy digestion problems.

Content: 500 Gram
Futterrosinen für Wildvögel


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