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Squirrel Menu

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Includes: 700 Gram / 1 Gram = 0,01
content:       700 Gram
Ready for delivery in:  1-2 Working-days
Availablility:   Dieser Artikel ist bei uns auf Lager und sofort verfügbar.
Art.Nr.: 3701
manufacturer: Claus

Shipping Weight:   ca. 725 g


High energy food with wholesome ingredients

The Squirrel Menu has everything squirrels love: it is healthy, rich on vitamins and contains delicious seeds, cereals, nuts, gentle dried fruits and pieces of vegetables. As a benefit we added insects rich in protein (silkworm cocoons and meal worms).

Tested by squirrel centers it is perfect for feeding free living animals or squirrels living in a park. The valuable ingredients offer a high-energetic supplement for the natural food and help the squirrels during hard winters and also during the upbringing period which starts in January.

Content: 700 Gram
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