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Power Balls with insects

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Includes: 450 Gram / 1.000 Gram = 4,96
content:       450 Gram
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Art.Nr.: 2390

Shipping Weight:   ca. 450 g


Best Power Balls with Insects for Wild- and Gardenbirds

The Power-Balls four-pack contains extremely well-balanced ingredients: Nutritious cereals flakes and seeds including a large quantity of shelled sunflower kernels and peanuts help provide valuable protein and highly digestible fat. Healthy berries such as sultanas ensure a supply of vitamins and nutritious insects provide protein. Insects are declining in nature but they are an important source of nutrition, not only for young birds, but for vulnerable soft feeders too. All soft and grain feeders, including blackbirds, thrushes, finches, robins, tits, sparrows and other wild birds in our gardens will all enjoy Power-Balls.


Content: 450 Gram
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