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Rearing Food

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Includes: 100 Gram / 1 Gram = 0,04
content:       100 Gram
Ready for delivery in:  1-2 Working-days
Availablility:   Dieser Artikel ist bei uns auf Lager und sofort verfügbar.
Art.Nr.: 2015
manufacturer: Claus

Shipping Weight:   ca. 125 g


Extremely high-quality food for hand rearing of already feathered wild birds (branchlings)

It is especially suitable for sensitive insectivores such as wrens and robins, and also for tits, sparrows and many other native species. It contains absolutely no baked items or oil; instead it contains high-quality insects such as water flies and silkworm pupae, as well as water fleas and freshwater shrimp. The latter are very similar in nutritional value to the "insects", but biologically they are classed as "crustaceans" (but they have no hard shells). The very low proportion of soy meal serves as a valuable source of protein and a carrier of minerals.



Content: 100 Gram
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